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The DIWAX client software is constantly developed further and the ecosystem of metadata and supplementary agent files is also growing. This chapter shows how to stay up-to-date with the latest versions (provided that your computer is connected to the internet).


Program updates

Usually, you do not have to re-install your client software when new versions become available. Use the built-in update service instead. [Menu: Help > Look for Updates] retrieves whether new program updates are available and - if so - let's you download and install them (just follow the on-screen dialogs). If your computer is connected to the internet when DIWAX starts the programs automatically checks for available updates and shows an UPDATE hint in the status bar (click on it to start the update process). Save your current work before running an update as DIWAX must restart during the update process. All your stored local settings and user-defined metadata will be preserved.


Note: Some fundamental updates (major relaunches) require a new installation. In this case the update procedure will prompt you for a re-installation.


Getting metadata and supplementary files

When working online [Menu: Exchange > Download Metadata > Full] downloads all available metadata for the active user (this may take some minutes depending on your internet connection speed). To do the same for supplementary agent files, click [Menu: Exchange > Download All Files]. Apply these two commands  whenever you want to make sure that you are up-to-date with your share of the DIWAX ecosystem.