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System Configuration

System Configuration

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System Configuration

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The Configuration agent [Menu: Options > Configuration] adapts the local DIWAX installation to your personal preferences.


Folders: Organizing files

User Data

Changing the Main Folder value creates a complete new tree structure of Libraries and Repositories (i.e. folders that host user-defined data) as sub-folders of the main user data folder. This allows for quick and easy migration to a new location without having to edit each folder individually.



Some agents use local files that the user may want to interact with (or that are user-provided to feed into the DIWAX ecosystem). These files are located in libraries. Typically, agents of the same category (e.g. resource agents) create individual sub-folders within the respective category library to organize their files.

Modifying a library affects the folder structure only, files must be copied separately.

Change the Main Folder to move all libraries to a new location in one single step (this overwrites individual library folder settings).



Repositories host local files that are completely administered by DIWAX itself (without any direct user intervention). These files store user-generated content but they are not intended to be browsed or even edited directly by the user. Instead, incorrect  manipulation of these files can be very harmful to overall system stability and is therefore heavily disapproved of.

As the metadata table and ini files are part of the system design, these files are copied to the new folders automatically.

Change the Main Folder to move all repositories to a new location in one single step (this overwrites individual repository folder settings).


System Folders

The system folder for metadata tables cannot be edited by the user. It is shown for your information only. The Temporary Folder is used by the program to store files temporarily (e.g. during file conversion operations). When DIWAX is not running all files in this folder are obsolete and can be deleted.



Editing and creating folders

Folder settings constitute a major system modification, therefore DIWAX expects a confirmation of the new values (click Ok). Missing folders on your machine are indicated by red slot bullets and can be created by clicking Create.


User Interface: Numeric formatting, fonts and language settings

Numeric Display

Set the number of Integer and Decimal Digits in the Numeric Display section to enhance the readability of numeric output (this does not affect the precision of calculations). The number of Integer Digits tells DIWAX when to switch to the scientific number format. The Decimal Digits setting indicates the number of displayed post decimal positions. If the magnitude of a value requires a scientific numeric format the sum of integer and decimal digits determines the displayed precision (i.e. the number of significant digits). Finally, set the Decimal Separator according to your personal preferences.

You may also modify these settings via [Menu] Options > Numbers directly.



Modifying the font type (Name and Size) lets you adapt the visual appearance to match different screen resolutions and user requirements.

The settings made here have the same effect as those via [Menu] Options > Font > Customize.



While the language of the general user interface is English all metadata values can be described in other languages, too. Currently, translation shells for German and French are already prepared but any other language can also be implemented without much effort (just contact the development team). The configuration language lets you chose your preferred language (see International section); this does not guarantee that you will actually see a corresponding translation for all metadata entries, though. This setting is just your first preference, if the desired translation is empty, DIWAX looks for another one. While you are free to provide the metadata in your preferred language only, it is good style to deliver at least the English version, too.


Auto Save

This option saves all current user interface settings when closing DIWAX.


Other: Proxy server and CSV file format

Remote Access

If you are using a proxy server to connect to the internet enter the Host and Port information here.


CSV Files

When exporting metadata tables to CSV files DIWAX uses the Delimiter and Separator settings to format the output files.



Save your input [Storage > Save] to make the new configuration permanent. Otherwise, the former settings are used when re-starting DIWAX. [Storage > Load] restores the last saved set of system settings.